Importance Of Inclusive Education Essay

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knowledge of the curriculum, goals are set to meet the academic needs, set high expectations of the children, and don’t water down the curriculum but plan to teach in the magic middle to reach all children in an inclusive classroom. It is proven that children with special needs thrive in standard classroom environments for a variety of reasons.
Furthermore, pre-service teachers must acknowledge that inclusive education is more than just placing special educational needs children in the regular classroom, hoping for the best. It calls for one to re-examine what they teach, how they teach and how they asses learner’s performances. In short, there must be a paradigm shift in education to benefit all learners.
Barriers to Inclusive Education
According to UNESCO there are many barriers that hinder inclusive education. Inclusion implementation in school is not as easy as it sounds, it does not just happen. As previously, mentioned in an inclusive learning environment, students must be adequately equipped so that their full potential can be maximize. Many factors can influence inclusive education. The first barrier to inclusion is caused by society and not by any specific medical disability. The negative attitudes displayed towards persons with a disability results in discrimination and can lead to a serious barrier of learning. A negative attitude can take on the form of much social discrimination, and a lack of awareness and traditional prejudices, these can lead to serious

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