Independence Is Important To Me Essay

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Kim John Payne once said, “Independence isn’t doing your own thing; it’s doing the right thing on your own.” According to Google, being independent means a person is “free from outside control and does not depend on another 's authority.” Meeting my own needs, doing things for myself, and making my own decisions, have shown me how crucial independence is in life. Going into my Junior year, I learned more than I ever had. I discovered how to meet the needs of myself. It was not until this summer that I realized how salient it was to care for myself instead of constantly caring for others. I opened up to the idea of letting go of people that drained me would change my life. I also learned that I could not rely on others to make me happy. I and only I, could fulfill the hope for happiness in my life. A very important person changed my outlook on myself and the people around me. She taught me that I had to listen to how I was feeling. Often times I would bottle everything up inside. I found myself depressed, feeling alone, and constantly down on myself. Sleep…show more content…
I can not rely on others to do everything for me. Ever since I was in fourth grade, I have had to pay for everything I wanted. I pay for my clothes, my car, my gas, my insurance, and anything that I would like. Sometimes I envy the people that get everything handed to them, but I am very glad my parents expect me to do these things because otherwise I would not be as independent. I have made a goal to help my mom cook dinner at least once a week so that I know how to make meals when I am out on my own. I often find myself irritated when my mom asks me to clean my room. However, I’ve recently realized she just wants me to have the habit of picking up after myself when I am on my own. Even though sometimes it is hard, I am very thankful for the way my parents have raised me because I have learned how to be
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