Importance Of Indian Cinema

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Cinema is a form of art which is enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of their age. It is this very same aspect of cinema, where every age group enjoys it which makes cinema stand out from other art forms like painting, music, dance, literature etc. The cinema of India consist of films produced all across the nation, which includes the cinematic cultures of mostly every state. When a person watches a cinema, he/she is taken to another world, experiencing the lives of the characters on screen. This is the magic of cinema, where the viewer becomes ignorant of the different processes that were involved in the making of it. The viewer even forgets for a moment the very theatre he/she is seated in, while they are transferred to another world of reality or fiction. It would be a good tribute to cinema, if a little focus is given on the great cinema studios and theatres which produce entertainment for each individual. Indian cinema is not confined to one language. Unlike the cinema from all over the world which includes films made mostly in one particular language of a country, Indian cinema include films made in a variety of languages on the regional basis. It would be a proud moment for every Indian to say that a wide range of cinema is produced in a variety of languages from one nation. One among these, is the Tamil cinema. Tamil cinema, the film industry producing films in the Tamil language, is centered in Tamil Nadu, particularly in the Chennai neighbourhood of

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