Importance Of Indian English Language

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Ventriloquism and the Vernacular with Special Reference to Indian Writing in English

Poonam Punia
Research Scholor
Dept.of English Ch. Devilal University, Sirsa(Haryana)

Indian English Writers have a propensity to help and innovate upon the English language to communicate an innate sense regarding, “Indianness”. The ‘Indian English’ in slight ways switch over to conversational and the vernacular into the English. In other words, while writing in English, Indian English Writers articulate through a ventriloquist’s voice. There is really a new language connected with articulation. At times we feel that the ventriloquist’s voice can be additional through the ‘real’ voice. Why is this kind of ventriloquism preferred to the apparently “real” voice? What is the need to transpose the real voice? Is it the only means to articulate the ambivalence of a multicultural existence? These are the obvious questions that the research paper attempts to help respond to. Indian English Literature rebounds within numerous voices trying to articulate the spirit of “Indianness”. In the beginning, even- though inside an experimental phase, the writers tended in order to always be realistic in tinges associated with pessimism surfacing in between. The recommendation then was to hold on to English literary traditions. Indian Writing in English in its many avatars like- poetry, fiction and drama, today explores, the self in an attempt towards
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