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Across the world Indian wedding is considered as the epitome of celebration and frolic. The

expanse and preparations for an Indian wedding is unparalleld, more so because the festivities of

the wedding continues for number of days, lasting for a week or more! Usually more than 500

people attend an Indian wedding and more than 100 people participate actively in the preparations

of a wedding from both, bride and groom 's side. In fact, pre wedding preparations are so tiresome

and tedious that often families hire wedding planner 's to help them design their dream wedding.

These faculties of people are professionaly trained and help substantially in the union of two

persons and their families on a social platform in the midst of fun and
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Indian subcontinent is a sanctuary for a variety of cultures and religions which is amply displayed

in the distinct weddings that can be seen taking place in the country. From elegant, ritually subtle

and simple South Indian weddings to grand, pompous and vibrant Punjabi and Marwari weddings

to ceremonially rich and traditionally deep Gujrati and Bengali weddings. All these weddings are

quite distinct in their customs but very similar in their style. Therefore, The marital union of

people from distinct backgrounds leads to the conceiving of the best and most dynamic ideas .

Such marriages are not only symbolic of the union of two people and their families but also two

diverse cultures. Wedding planners can play a substantially important role in designing such

weddings, their role is much like a family member. They know their client inside out and design

the right atmosphere and ambience for the big Indian wedding. Moreover , their contribution can 't

be relegated only to the wedding ceremony, they play an integral part in organizing the ceremonies

that form the prelude to the wedding, i.e, haldi, sangeet, engagement and cocktail/reception party,

making each event special and memorable in its own

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