Importance Of Individual Freedom In Modern Society

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Individual freedom is the constitutional value of the human person as such, the foundation of his duties and rights, according to which each can decide freely on the necessary issues of his life, making himself responsible to society for the consequences of his or her actions and decisions. In different times and historical events, people 's freedom have different ways of being shown. In the modern era, individual freedom is presented in three levels of activity: freedom of thought and opinion, political freedom and association, and freedom of work and economic ambition. There is no doubt that the development of these freedoms can be connected to the large development, profoundly revolutionary in its content, that science, politics and production have had in modern and contemporary societies. It should be noted, at the same time, that this multifaceted development has given rise to growing processes of socialization of the same sciences, politics and production; socialization that involves both the distribution of benefits (knowledge, power, goods and services) of such activities among the members of society, as well as the deployment of these through large associations and organizations. Socialization - the legitimate child of and necessary complement of individual freedom - has had, however, significant limits and distortions (inequalities, massification, dominance relationships, antagonisms) whose root can be found in the fact that individual freedom has never been a
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