The Importance Of Individualism

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Individualism in today’s society is a lost characteristic we desperately need to find again. People in our society often choose to be followers, instead of being themselves they try to be like the celebrities who are in the media. If people would really listen to famous people they would realize that the lives they seek to live isn’t what it seems. People should be more like themselves; the world would be a much more organized and mature place. Hopefully individualism will make its return because we desperately need it for many different reasons but most importantly we need it to function together as a society. People in society yearn to belong, to fit in with a certain group, to be apart of something. There’s a saying that says,…show more content…
There are people who argue that everything in life should be set for you and you should follow those rules no matter what. Some strict parents are known for this kind of thinking. They may believe that since they have been living longer they know what’s best for their children, an in most cases they may be right but the end of the day the child is gonna have to make the decision on their own despite what the parents said. The child is gonna have to be their own individual and make their own decisions and come up with their own plans and methods of getting by in life, they’re gonna have to become individuals. Individualism is a vague topic especially when talking about other people. Individualism for people could fall under many different categories because they can find inspiration from any place, religion, art, conversation. Inspiration breeds ideas, ideas have the potential to breed action, and action can breed individuality with the right mindset. Individualism can help distinguish who you are as a person. Being an individual means being original or it can mean not being original if that 's who you are. Just being you, it 's not hard, at all people just make a big deal out of things they don 't
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