Importance Of Industrial Harmony

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What is Industrial Harmony ?
Industrial harmony it is a situation where the employees and management co-operate willingly work together for achieving the company vision and mission. Industrial harmony creates a high level of job and employee satisfaction in an organization.
Industrial Relation :
Industrial relation the term is made up of two words- “industry and “relation” where ‘industry’ denotes a fruitful and and creates activity that involves individuals or groups of people and ‘relation’ denotes association between employer and employee, employee-employee, labour union and management organization and society,etc.which exists in the industry. Therefore,industrial relation is the relationship between the employees and management which is a direct or indirect result of union-employer relationship
Industrial relation : “ industrial relation are a relationship between management and employees or among employees and their organasization that characterise and grow out of employment.
Industrial relation plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining industrial democracy and industrial harmony in an industry and organization. In India it has passed through several stages. These factors have influenced industrial relation in India.
1. Social
2. Economic
3. Political In the pre-independence days, workers were ‘hired and fired’, as the principal of demand and supply

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