Importance Of Inequality

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To women who don’t take action about inequality and men who don’t support women, Inequality is all around the world. It is hardly unique in United States. Women always seemed the weak people in the family. Traditionally men were the ones who were supposed to go to work and make money, while women were at home doing housework or taking care of the children. And because men are the ones earning money, they automatically become the decision maker in the family, because as everyone thinks whoever has money is powerful. Why don’t the women work? Most of the women graduate from University/college, get a job, they get married and after they have kids they leave their job, because they have to take care of them. This is the most common reason for…show more content…
The first thing that everyone thinks of is the salary. First of all, men get more money than women, even though they do the same job. There are a lot of examples where you can see the difference between the amount of money. I think the reason for this is because men are considered the one who provide the financial help in the family. But it shouldn’t be like that, there are certain families where the women are the ones who work and provide money to their family. Second, women get jobs that don’t have a lot of responsibilities or they only get jobs as secretaries or assistants. Because women seem weak they get jobs that don’t require any strength, while men work as the head of the company or as the accountant. Third, employees don’t want to work with women, because there is going to be a time when they are going to have kids and leave everything and quit their job. This is a very big reason why employees don’t take women as their employer especially if the job requires a lot of…show more content…
Now studies have shown that women try to participate more in physics, math and science. And they actually got better. Now you can see a lot of women accountants. Even now there are still a few women, because most of the women are scared that they won’t succeed or nobody will hire them after they graduate. In a “New York Times” article the publicist, who is also a women, talks about how she earned bachelor of science degree in physics, but she didn’t continue because she was tired of trying to impress her professor. She says that the major reason for her to quit was because none of her professors encouraged her. Everyone told her that “ girls never go in science or math.” This explains that if people would’ve encouraged her and helped her the number of women scientists would’ve been one more. The best solution for this problem would be men support. If women see men supporting them, they’ll be more confident in their decisions. In an article about women inequality, I read how a man described a situation in his calculus class, where no one would respect a girl and listen to what she had to say. He believed that if he speaks up and breaks the silence from men side, it would help men see and listen to what kind of problems women had all along. Women do a lot to get men’s attention and get their help, but no one seems to support them until they see someone strong encouraging them, such as
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