Importance Of Informal Construction Industry

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“An analysis of contribution of informal construction sector to the construction industry in Ampara District”

A research proposal

Course of Study: EMV 4206 – Research Methodology
Course Lecturers: Prof. RG.Ariyawansa Supervisor : Senior lecturer Mr.JP.Hettiarachi

Semester I, 2015

Department of Estate Management and Valuation
Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce
University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Chapter 01
1.1 Introduction
Construction industry plays a vital role in the economy of every nation in the world. It contributes significantly to the GDP of the country. Referring to Field and Ofori, “The construction industry is regarded as an essential and highly visible contributor to the process of growth” (1988 cited Rameezdeen and Ramachandra 2008, p.1). In Sir Lanka, the industry contributes more than 6.4% to the GDP (Central Bank 2007). The United Nations Environment Programme (1996 cited Mitullah and Wachira 2003) mentions that one-tenth of the global economy is dedicated to constructing and operating homes and offices.
Construction industry uses 7.7% of labour force from the total labour (Department of Census & Statistics 2007), and that is from both formal and informal sectors. A significant proportion of labour force is provided by the informal sector. Due to the increasing unemployment and growing inflation, people find it difficult to make their living. Therefore, a considerable
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