Importance Of Informal Public Transportation

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Case Studies: Global Context
3.1. Informal Public Transportation Networks in three Indonesian cities
According to the study of Informal Public Transport in Indonesia, the Indonesian cities become prosperous day by day in terms of the mobility among the urban poor. The government provided public transport is insufficient, so informal public transport in the form of different modes like OJEK, ANGKOT, BAJAJ, BECAK, CALO, KELINCI etc. which provides faster service on various routes but they also contributing to the congestion. To understand the informal public transport in each and every aspect, three important Indonesian cities were chosen like Jogja, Solo in central java and Palembang in Sumatra which are differ in population, size, form and purpose. The problems related to increasing vehicles, congestion, environmental pollution is not as big compare to the large cities of Indonesia. The informal public transport system provides some innovative approaches for reducing the urban problems of transportation specially for the people in poverty.
The study focusing on the informal public transport from various perspectives not only to reduce the urban mobility but considering it as the employment provider to the poor people and also as the backbone of the informal economy. It also shows that how these modes are complementing the formal public transport. In all the three cities, the available modes of transport are very different and different nature of trips are taking place. Out

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