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Information gathering is the process of collecting valuable information from multiple sources using several approaches. The primary reason for information gathering are for gaining advantage, making informed decisions, understanding trends, for improvisation to solve problems and for planning future products or events. In businesses, information is very essential for being competitive and to make profits. Hence every company uses multiple ways of gathering valued information. Information gathering can be qualitative or quantitative based on the purpose, requirement and desired end result. Qualitative approach is used when one has to get deeper information and generally used when not knowing what the outcome is. The common types of qualitative…show more content…
Location, timing, number & quality of participants, good set of questions and effective moderator are factors determining the outcome of a focus group. They are effective to gather crucial information from specific set of individuals for brainstorming ideas, suggestions, converging to a decision or to gain various standpoints about certain aspects of a product/ service. Focus group typically comprises of 6 to 12 members and a sound moderator (generally from outside the group or organization). Focus Groups are discussions by stakeholders at a proper venue for gathering of thoughts and opinions. The proceedings are generally recorded by any possible means so as to draw meaningful conclusions. Multiple focus groups are conducted if many opinions are to be considered. Preparing agenda & key discussion points and having framed set of questions to direct the discussion for result is important. The participants must be told about the key points of discussion and the moderator must be skilled to control the discussion in the intended direction. Encouraging all the participants to openly discuss their views with the group and accepting various perspectives help brainstorm different possibilities. Focus groups consist of different set of questions like opening, introductory, transitional, key questions and closing

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