Importance Of Information Technology In Auditing

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It is an undeniable fact that technologies do form an inherent part in our daily life, likewise the integration of Information Technology (IT) in the audit sector is something that has not gone unnoticed, due to the major benefits that it brings along in achieving key positive results. Thus this chapter will provide a comprehensive overview of the concept of IT within the working framework, supported by authors of past studies and research. In addition the area of discussion will also focus on the effectiveness of this concept and its relevance in several countries.
Furthermore the factors influencing the integration of IT in the audit process such as employers’ support, auditors’ attitudes will be elaborated in details
Auditing was mostly
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IT systems helps to promote operational efficiency and to aid in decision making
Empirical literature shows that the participants have not received enough coverage about information technologies
Information technology (IT) imposes challenges on auditing profession which in the study of they investigated the use of IT Audit technologies
The IIA’s define Internal Audit as an activity designed to add value in improving an organization’s operations. By bringing a systematic approach the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes The work of Internal Audit is within the organization who has a direct access to the information system of an organization
.) some of the world leading audit firms explains their modern definitions of IT audit as:
Ernst and Young, 2013 says that risks are addressed rapidly and carefully by IT audit. The company increasing risks with IT calls for the need for IT auditing and the IA has to assure that technology is operating effectively IT auditors plays a crucial role in managing and responding to
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The results empower them to better understanding and assessing computerized systems and to master IT advancement for businesses success. Audit tests are broader when new computerized systems are included.
With the use of technology, auditors will have more time to address complex issues faced by their clients. The impact of technology will continuously have a significant influence on each level of an audit assignment. This will allow software testing of each and every data of clients to better understand their business operations and help to cope with a much paperless auditing. It was found in the study of auditors making use of newly updated technologies will have high gains in terms of efficiency and helpfulness
An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a set of business application software modules that integrates all organizational functions, including human resources, finance, manufacturing, sales, and distribution. The organization in the study of (Madani, 2009) has brought new changes and IS by adopting the ERP sysytem. The ERP system is an enabling technology for internal auditors (IAs) by maintaining effective controls over operations. To better understand the ERP systememploy the framework of a process theory approach. In the studies conducted, they focuses on the impact of ERP on internal auditing activities,
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