Information Visualization Research Paper

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Information visualisation
The information is now the essential part of human life, which encourage new ways to think and evolve new advancement. Huge amount of information or data are generated from different sources, these information are of diverse types and stored in various format. For example, the individual go through personal information i.e. email, chat, schedules, news etc, students access countless digital libraries for educational purposes [1]. Information visualization aims to facilitate confusing data to become more understandable and clear for the readers and its users by applying visual charts, with this implementation information also becomes interpretable. Human perception system would be flexible, creative and bridge builder
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Clustering in variable data, variable dispersions and correlation become more visible thanks to information visualization.

Information visualization is a research domain that concentrates on the use of visualization methods to assist people understanding data and evaluate or analyze data. Information visualization is the transmission of abstract data through the use of interactive visual interfaces. It enforces human visual cognition, to enable the user to get knowledge about the internal structure of the data, causal relationship, and dependences in it.

The Analyzers search structure, pattern and relations between charts at the discovery of data process. The illustrated graphics over charts and tables makes for analyzers to understand it better however analyzers mostly make researches on variable graphs to see other effects on different charts. Human perception has ability to see up to 3 sizes of visualization therefore more than this highly does not make sense or doesn 't stay in the mind for long time because of this reason information visualization techniques helps analyzers to make changes on more than 3 sizes of visual data into the 3 sizes, at the implementation of size decreasing data loss is an inescapable in some point with the help of techniques analyzers do their best to include most importance
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Visualization techniques include; knowledge visualization and visual data exploration those methods are applied for audience to see chart effectively and evaluate it in a different perspective.
Information visualisation Techniques
Information visualisation Techniques are applied to create obvious interface for audience quickly to reach point without any complexity. Line charts, bar charts, scatter plots, bubble plots, a scatter plot variation, pie charts are mainly preferred to transfer information over picture.

1.Line Charts
A line chart illustrates the relationship among variables and other values. These are most often used charts to track changes or trends over time. Line charts are also quite useful when comparing multiple items over the same time or different period however that is one of the most common charts in business and daily life. The reason why mostly preferred is that line charts to inform audience clearly with out making tired. The tracking lines are used to compare the trend or individual values for several variables. Line charts are also mostly preferred when the change in a variable or variables dearly needs to be monitored and when trending or rate of charge information is of
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