Importance Of Injury In Youth Football

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Are you questioning if you really want your child to play football, but you don’t know if the sport is too dangerous for them? This hurts me because I’ve been playing the sport my whole life and I love the sport but the truth is that it is dangerous too play. The sport is just not all negative because of the injuries there are some approve things for the parent or guardian of that child. The injury percent do from football is significant. “Journal of athletic training reported estimated 28% of 5.5 million youth football players between ages of 5-14 are injured each year” “64% are minor”. This is the article where I found this information Those numbers…show more content…
“The most common types of injuries in youth football players are bruises, ligament sprains and muscle strains.” “The most common areas of the body for injuries are the hand and wrist, ankle, foot and knee.” “Concussions and other head injuries as well as spinal and neck injuries are less common.” Concussions are more likely to happen at older age such as high school and so on because the force of contacts from the players are stronger also from way of hitting one…show more content…
“This may be because heavier players exert more force on themselves and each other in the case of a collision.” So there’s one bright side for your child. The sport can be a real scare for you to watch as your child play but it can be a real good way for your child to learn how to compete and, also a way for your child to learn from the mistake they made like if they lose or maybe been acting up around the house and they run for it. Whatever your decision is you have the right to either let them play or not to but, as a football player I do thinks it’s a risk to put your child to
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