Difference Between Invention And Innovation

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If we search answer of where innovation starts, it is a good start to define where innovation comes from. Innovation is a word actually comes from Latin “innovare“ which means doing something new and unique. “Innovation “ is used as a technical word in global dictionary nowadays same as technology. Nowadays there is a big misunderstand between innovation and invention, so we also firstly need to clarify what is the difference between innovation and invention then we clearly see where innovation starts. A basic sample can be; fabric is an invention but having research over fabric and creating a fabric which does not wrinkle can be termed as innovation. The reason we describe innovation as a technical word is that, it has more emphasis…show more content…
This process starts with solving the problems which haven’t solved, supply a solution to demands which haven’t satisfied so far. When we put creative and new ideas into practice; they start producing a product and services or methods. Starting to selling outcome products and services, furthermore using the new methods in processes is the final destination of innovation. Conjunction with economic factors, social factors are another key to start an innovation. Innovation occurs and starts in societies which are ready for new things and has the spirit of changing culture with individually and common changing desires. That could be such a normal expectation from different countries, different science researches and industries to establish their own and unique method, action and output processes. In that case, innovation starts with national and international characteristics. Countries should draw their innovation strategies according to their national priorities which is not that easy. Key factors to start innovation can be listed; capability, brainpower, universities, planning, facilities, industry, technology and market. Innovation operation must involve all main elements of the science and technology of a country and have the support of all parts of the society and major powers, so innovation process can start and go…show more content…
Everything changes so quickly, it effects social life economy world. Companies which can’t follow the changing end up with bankruptcies. Even in next 10 years, there will more changing than last total 30 years. All the products, services and distribution channels will be replaced with different ones which are better. Corporate Darwinism will speed up everything, only adaptable and quick changeable ones will remain in the market. It will push companies to innovation. Because innovation is only solution to getting one step forward in the competition. Then innovation starts and creates a place which is new and unique also a temporary monopoly. Internal targets where innovation start are opportunist entrepreneurship and inspiring vision. Innovation is kind of a journey where we expect to finding and getting a place better than previous one. So innovation also occurs in places where risks are ready to be taken. Innovation convince the companies to take risks because real risk is that, staying in same place will face the company with bigger risks. Organizations aren’t eager to change and have no visions will surely face with

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