Importance Of Innovation Without Communication

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What is innovation without communication? Innovation is a term now often used, or to the former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove's "Innovation is a word become excessive, clichéd and meaningless". Despite the large number of literature that talks about innovation and its conceptual definition, analysis, methods, best practices, perspectives, etc., One aspect of innovation, although very important, is analyzed by only a few authors (mostly German-speaking) namely, the so-called. Innovation communication (Eng. Innovation Communication). The organization is primarily concerned with solving specific problems / needs of organizing their business with the intention to make it stable, fixed. The innovation should be allowed to run the organization and successfully…show more content…
It is necessary that representatives of the creative industries create an environment that will activate our senses and emotions, and encourage lateral thinking. Any initiative for innovation (ideas, products, services, etc.) Has little chance of success if it is not provided the correct communication innovation. Innovative communication should include innovation process and to promote the diffusion of innovation (the study of how fast, how and why some innovations spread through the population). The goal of innovation is to promote the integration of communication of all participants through the various translations of specific 'language', strengthen the role of constructive dialogue, building bridges of communication between different disciplines, resulting in the creation of conditions for activating the space for innovation. Innovative communication comes from the concept of innovation journalism formed in Sweden in the framework of the so-called. VINNOVA program, where Dr. David Nordfors for the first time used the term "innovation journalism". Innovation journalism is an attempt to encourage the media to download a proactive role through appropriate media presentations innovation and placing them in the context of wider social importance.…show more content…
Communication is a two way process, by definition, and in the case of innovative communication recommends drawing up and sharing relevant content on the one hand and the feedback / reaction from the other side. Because the information is through the interaction enriches, enhances, and she gives meaning and value in different contexts. To be able to exist and develop, innovation requires open dialogue, informal forms of communication and a variety of external pulses. The communication strategy of innovation in organizations is conducted on two levels: the internal level where there are workers who need to be adequately informed about innovation as a strategic objective of the company, and that they are expected to actively participate in the creation of innovation. On the other, the outer level of the organization, there are different interest groups and the public that the company needs to present its innovative orientation, at the same time including them in the very process of innovation. Many techniques have been developed to improve the innovative thinking within the company. One of the more effective communication tools is an analogy that may help in the development of innovation. Using the use of 'known' when communicating about 'unknown', an analogy helps to overcome initial resistance to

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