Importance Of Instructional Materials In Teaching Science

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Instructional Materials and Methods In Teaching Science Instructional materials play an important role in the teaching-learning process. Instruction is improved and learning is enriched and become more meaningful with the use of modern instructional methods and materials. In selecting instructional materials, it is important to consider varied student needs. The teacher must therefore adapt the strategies of instruction to the students, rather that the students adapting themselves to them. One of the many potential teaching strategies teaching strategies is the use of self-learning package or individualized instructional program. Individualized instruction is a teaching approach which attempts to maximize individual learning by introducing…show more content…
They can be used in a positive manner in behavior management. A self-instructional program can better relate to student’s needs than conventional classroom instruction. The teacher becomes a learning manager, a guide rather than a dispenser of information. It is a flexible approach since the students can decide in consultation with the teacher or among themselves. They can manage their own learning and apply them in future independent study. Self-instructional programs have also some limitations. Some students do not comfortable with self-instructional programs as they feel isolated learning in a class. Also, the materials may not be feasible if the information or procedures to be learned must be changed frequently. The preparation requires more effort and expenses. It takes more time to finish one’s study unless one has the discipline to complete studying the materials at a faster pace. Despite the limitations, a self-instructional program for training delivery has many appeals for both the learner and the teacher. This approach provides flexibility, increases relevance of learning, encourages increased choice for learners, makes learning more achievable, given their length, and makes for increased transferability of learning (Felipe…show more content…
Gudoy (2007) developed and validated instructional material in Science and Health V. She used the pretest-posttest method and tried out the instructional material to a class of Grade 5 of Catalino Acosta Memorial Elementary School, Batac City, Ilocos Norte. Statistical analysis showed that there was a significant gain of knowledge and concepts by the pupils and the pupil-driven instruction materials are effective in teaching Science and Health V. Caridaoan (2007) also developed and validated a teaching resource package for developing science process skills in the intermediate grades. She concluded that a validated teaching resource is effective for developing the basic integrated process skills of the intermediate grades as shown by the significant difference of the pretest and posttest mean scores of the experimental over the control groups. Quirino (1995) also conducted a study to compare the effect of a learning resource package on map and globes skills and concept retention of students in social Studies. Results showed that the experimental group exposed to the learning resource package scored significantly higher than the control

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