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Interaction Design is getting bigger and bigger. It expanded from the mere function of building novel applications for technology to humanizing technology through originating pragmatic, consequential and socially relevant concepts. Actually, several interactive systems and intelligent technologies exist in many fields in everyday life where people conduct tasks and partake in activities to collaborate with others. Examples range from everyday items like smart-phones to technology-driven territories such as aviation. In view of this point, I reckon that interaction design is a people-centered approach of design which creates a dialogue between a person and a designed artifact - a product, service, or system. An interaction designer creates frameworks…show more content…
In summer 2003, having finished my school education, I joined the Applied Art College. Having completed the preparatory year at Applied Art College, I obtained a place in the Decoration Department. Regardless of the denotation, the Decoration Department researches the empirical implementation of art & design into everyday life aspects. To do this I had to qualify in the Entrance Exam of the department. Among 500 students applying for the department, 29 and I qualified in the exam and joined the department. At the Decoration Department, I had the good fortune of having a well-compiled curriculum, which placed equal accentuation on theoretical fundamentals as well as practical applications. Subjects such as Color Theories, History of Arts and Criticism & Artistic Taste set a solid ground in the theoretical aspects. Practical application aspects were introduced through subjects such as Design of Signs and Guidance Systems, Design of Scenes & Backgrounds, Principles of Urban Planning and Production Management Planning. Moreover, the areas that have been of special interest to me centered on Morphology of Design and Studies of Environmental…show more content…
These activities have developed my competent personality and have equipped me with vigorous interpersonal skills. As well as the practical experience, I consistently follow the technological developments and innovations as well as fresh design techniques by reading technical periodicals, following on-line blogs and printed magazines.
My academic background along with extensive work experience will avail myself in accomplishing within the graduate program. Also I have many ambitions whilst embarking on this stage of my life. I believe that a graduate study will cater a milestone to my vocation along with invaluable experiences and skills that will accommodate me to become a successful, inventive professional and aid in accomplishing my goals.
The user-centered studies needed for an in-depth understanding of the extensive and perpetually developing interaction design field highlight my goal to pursue MFA program in Umeå Institute of Design. Enthusiastically, I am keen to work under the mentoring of the distinguished faculty members such as Prof. Niklas Andersson, particularly in topics such as human-computer interaction and experience prototyping. I am sure that the facilities in Umeå Institute of Design will be auxiliary for a dedicated involvement in research

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