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Introduction Importance of Interactive educational environment History Key words Features of Interactive educational environment Types of interactive educational environments Distanced learning Advantages Disadvantages Conclusion Opinion Reference Introduction Interactive educational environment is the physical space where new technologies such as satellite systems, the Internet, multimedia, and interactive television among others; Are the tools, means and supports by which the teaching-learning process is developed. This new and innovative method of teaching goes beyond the traditional school environment that favors the knowledge and appropriation of contents, experiences and pedagogical-communication processes.…show more content…
Our present educational-formative is crossed by the technological developments and its involvement in the classroom. For this reason, the education we know today makes sense when we analyze it from a historical perspective, that is, knowing its past, analyzing the present to build the educational future of students. Thinking about an education for the future requires analyzing the importance of it in fields of scientific culture with society. Today we are witnessing permanent changes that happen at high speed, where technology is preponderant for this to happen. For this reason, carrying out an educational survey is to visualize and value the future for children and young people who will integrate at different levels of education, where the teaching-learning sense is different, but always promoting human values in order to generate responsible citizens And respectful of themselves and of the other people who make up the society of their country and of the…show more content…
Platforms:a standard for the hardware of a computer system, which determines what kinds of software it can run. Virtual: not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so Features of Interactive educational environment Interactive educational environment is a computer application designed to facilitate pedagogical communication between the participants of an educational process, be it completely at a distance, face-to-face, or of a mixed nature, that is to say, combining both modalities in different proportions. Taking into account the above definition, an Interactive educational environment has four primary characteristics: It is an electronic environment, not material in the physical sense, created and constituted by digital technologies. It is hosted on the network and can have remote access to their content through some sort of device connected to the Internet . The applications or computer programs that comprise it serve as support for the training activities of teachers and

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