Importance Of Intercultural Communication

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Examples of Intercultural Communication Language difference makes international business companies difficult to adjust in local environment and culture. For instance, Coca-Cola Company once tried to find a phonetic equivalent of their brand to be used in China and thought of using KeKouKeLa. But the meaning of the terms made them change their decision as the direct translation of those words would be “bite the wax tadpole” or “female horse stuffed with wax”. Similarly, direct translations of one language to another can cause problems like the ad of General Motors “Body by Fisher” could be translated into “Corpse by Fisher” in Flemish language. Another example is an advertisement of wine translated into Swiss from English which said “our wines leave you nothing to hope for”.…show more content…
For instance, “thumbs up” sign is taken as a symbol to say okay in most cultures but it has offending meanings in Iran, Latin America and some other cultures. Similarly, eating with hands is considered to be an accepted way to eat in Indian culture but is taken as manner-less in many other cultures. Importance of Intercultural Communication Intercultural communication offers the ability to deal across cultures, which is increasingly important, as the world gets smaller. Getting smaller doesn’t mean the world is becoming identical, it means having more and more contact with people who are culturally different. Being able to deal with this cultural difference peacefully, never mind creatively and innovatively, is becoming a survival issue to thrive in a global world as a global leader. The globalization process is forcing businesses to rethink their strategies. Intercultural communication, skills assume an ever larger role in global marketing and sale strategies. Consequently, language programs need to respond to these
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