Importance Of Intercultural Dialogue

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The Vienna Declaration adopted by consensus by the World Conference (1993) confirmed the universality of Human Rights and rejected the notion of cultural relativism. The Declaration, in its paragraph 1, reaffirming the solemn commitment of all the states to fulfill their obligations to promote universal respect for and observance and protection of all Human Rights and fundamental freedoms for all. It stressed that,” The universal nature of these rights and freedoms is beyond question” The problem of national regional peculiarities is referred to in paragraph 5 of the Declaration which provided,” All human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent and interrelate while the significance of national and regional peculiarities and various…show more content…
There should be a feeling reciprocity in accepting the values and norms between the two different cultures. So the acceptance of change should be both-ways. This approach is based on the belief that, there is no doubt that every culture is different in its own way but still they have some basics interests, concerns, qualities, traits and values that can provide a common ground for implication of universal human rights.
Intracultural Dialogue: It means dialogue within the culture. In this way, there will be a change within the culture itself further making it flexible enough to provide space to accommodate the values of universal human rights. The cultures should be more adaptable to the changes taking place in the world during this period of globalisation. This kind of approach is only possible through internal dialogue, rethinking and reinterpretation of the culture by making a public opinion through awareness.
Restructuring of Human Right Concept: Restructuring the concept of human rights while making it more flexible to the needs of a particular culture can be achieved by re-evaluating the concept of human rights by drawing on the similarities that can be amicably acceptable within the dissimilar traditions and
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