Importance Of International Beauty Pageants

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I. Introduction
As history shows, most feminists have argued that beauty pageants objectify women and are detrimental to their self worth. However, is it possible that international beauty pageants could provide a platform for women to be successful and gain power by being on the center of a global stage? This paper aims to explore the importance of international beauty contests such as Miss Universe and Miss World. With an overwhelming amount of viewers and participants, it seems to be an important organization in the international realm that is often overlooked because of the stigma surrounding beauty pageants and what they stand for. However, analyzing the pageants, the participants, and countries that participate, it seems that international beauty competitions are more than just a spectacle of beautiful people to be judged. To be clear, this paper is looking at specific credible pageants, and is in no way claiming the same to be true for children’s pageants or other types of pageants. The research that has been done concerning beauty pageants remains to be dominatingly one sided and negative. While there is no denying that beauty pageants still contain some negative aspects, it is important to identify the positive ones as well. The goal of this paper is to provide another way, a positive way of looking at international pageantry, still through a feminist lens.
Section 1: Feminism and Pageantry
II. Feminism
Trying to create one solid definition of feminism is
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