Importance Of International Human Rights Law

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subject of any reservations whatsoever since these would be inconsistent with the aim and purpose of Protocol I and undermine its basis”.
Chapter 3: International Human Rights Law
International human Rights law is set of law which is International legal Framework to protect rights of humans and to promote human rights on regional, civil and domestic level. Concept of human rights, entitles every human being to have hisher basic human rights without any discrimination on the basis of political or religious affiliation, race, sex, nationality, language or any other characteristic. This domain of law is widely accepted and practiced in almost whole world. States have acknowledged the need and significance of Human Rights from the past examples of World wars when Human were tortured, humiliated, and brutally treated. Primary source of International Human Rights Law is Treaties and agreement which are binding to the parties which are signatory to the treaty or agreement. Customary International Law also binds the states in good faith, thus treaties and customary law is backbone of human rights law. Other instruments of International Human Rights law are not binding upon anyone legally but they have their input in practical implementation, understanding and progress in the field of human rights law. Most dominating features of Human rights are: (1)Human Rights are based on respect (2) Human rights are unchallengeable unless there are certain situations, if a person is guilty of a
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