Importance Of International Law

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Question 1 In ancient t times there was little scope for international law but the rise of nations in the middle ages made it necessary to have international law. This necessity arose out of the need to have rules on maritime navigation and rules respecting diplomatic officials. States began to find international lawlessness unbearable and soon adopted some form of international law. With the lack of a body to regulate international relations, most states looked at canon law and the Catholic Church for guidelines on international law. The desire for international law was catalyzed by international trade, which required merchants from one state to be protected against the activities of other merchants of another state. With the increase in international trade, warfare and exploration the need for international law became essential. Treatises between nations became useful as they were intended to be binding between the nations. The proliferation of treatises, practices, rules and customs became complex and scholars started to compile them into systematic treatises. Hugo Grotius provided the first comprehensive conception of international law in his treatise “De Jure Belli Ac Pacis Libri Tres”. International law as advanced by Hugo Grotius was grounded on natural law, human reason and custom. His argument in respect to natural law is that relations between nations should be governed by an international body based on divine justice and morality. The law between nations should
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