Importance Of International Law

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INRODUCTION The consequences of international relations are the emergence of international law. International relations that have been practiced by the countries in the world have created rights and obligations between subjects of law. Therefore, international law is absolutely necessary in order to ensure smooth international relations system. International law is the applicable law in two or more countries which regulates the activity of the International scale. International law is the law between nations or between nations that show the complex principles that govern the relationship between the community of nations or countries. International law is part of the law governing the activities of international entities. At first, international law only defined as behavior and relationships between countries. However, the growth pattern of widespread international relations, international law also takes care of the structure and behavior of international organizations, individuals, and multinational corporations. As well as international law is used to show the customs and rules of law applicable in the relations between the authorities and show the complex rules and principles governing relations between members of the community of nations. Basically this law is designed to prevent the onset of war, or in other words to set up relations between the countries, so as to ensure order and peace in the international community. International law has application to a variety of

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