Importance Of Internet On Students

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For the 20th century way of life wherein everything should be fast or instant as possible people need a thing that can give services and information right away. Internet has been a tool used by people to make daily life activities and stuffs much easier. Internet is considered to be one of the widely used products of technology. Internet can offer information and services fast that makes people tasks more convenient to do. Everyday somehow it is impossible that even an ordinary person cannot use the Internet, for Internet has various purposes that could make people’s daily life activities or works easier and faster. Internet has a lot of uses and effects on people most especially on students, wherein it is a necessity or a very important thing for a student to have Internet to deal with to help the students in academics.…show more content…
Internet aids teachers in delivering and presenting lessons to the class and the internet is also used to establish best sources for learning for the benefit of the students. It is undeniable that almost all of the students around the world is using the internet for various purposes whether in terms of entertainment or academic, various purposes such as research for projects, surf reports and sites, download music, download books which can be used for lessons and even a tool for communication that enables the student to still communicate with the teacher regarding the lessons even outside the classroom. Undeniably, internet has an effect on the students it has good and bad effects, especially in terms of the students’
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