Importance Of Internet Privacy Essay

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Internet Privacy-The right to be forgotten (The EU, US and the Indian perspective & The challenges associated with it) Privacy: - Meaning & its importance Privacy in normal parlance means solitude, seclusion, the person prefers to be in such a state whereby he is secluded from the world at large. The “right to privacy” means the right to be left alone to live one’s own life with the minimum degree of interference. Internet is now considered as a serious threat to privacy, with the scope of Internet expanding manifold as the Internet gives liberty to every person to express their opinions about everything freely it is said to give voice to the voiceless, it gives ample scope for anonymity, and anonymity is the biggest threat which cyber lawyers & forensic experts are facing today in their attempts to achieve Internet Privacy.…show more content…
The various International Conventions and various Constitutions of the world have conferred “the right to privacy”. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 which is also known as the “Magna Carta” of human rights. Article 12 of the UDHR emphasizes the need for the right of privacy, family, home, and correspondence. Article 17 of the International Convention on Civil & Political Rights , Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights has reiterated the same principle of privacy which has been laid down under the UDHR. The Article 11 of the American convention on Human Rights talks specifically about the right to privacy. The right to privacy in the physical world is well settled in the physical space, there is a considerable amount of debates where the said right to privacy applies to the Internet as well. The European perception has been altogether different from the approach practiced in the US and in
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