Importance Of Internship In Thailand

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1. Introduction
It is compulsory internship and I did my internship in IBIS Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand for six months, this report is about the experience that I gained during my internship. This was my first working experience in the hotel industry since I started study hospitality management, during the first four months of my internship, I was held as a front officer by standing at the reception, I learned how it works and how important the front office is to the hotel. After that I’ve work at food and beverage department for two months, here I know how to setting the restaurant, know about the kitchen and prepare meal for group or meeting room.
When I was looking for internship, my first thought is to stay in Germany, but because my limited German level it was very difficult for me, so I turned my target to other countries. I went to the internet and found that Thailand’s culture interested me a lot, their culture has been shaped by many influences, like Indian, Lao, Burmese, Cambodian and Chinese, and I also heard that Thailand is also famous about their food culture, especially the different kind of street food, so I decided to do my internship in Thailand.
Overall it was an excellent experience regarding to learning and having conversations with different kind and nationality people face to face, I’m looking forward to use the experience that I gained during my internship in my future jobs.

2. Company Profiles and Organization
2.1. Company Profiles
IBIS is an

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