Interpersonal Communication In Health Care

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Interpersonal communication is the process by which individual exchange information, feeling and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages. This is a face to face communication, interpersonal communication is not just about what is said but involve the manner and attitude portrayed by both the sender and the receiver of the information. The attitude of perception of the sender of the information affects the channel of communication and the reception of the message by the receiver.
Communication is a two way process in which one person sends the message and it is received by another person who listens carefully and attentively in order to give a feedback.
Interpersonal communication
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When there is a barrier in the health services provider’s interpersonal communication, it leads to a high risk of making avoidable mistakes, critical information for the patient’s care could be neglected and not communicated to the appropriate personal.
Effective interpersonal communication among the health care service providers, create an effective team collaboration, the public health care personnel can easily collaborate with the other healthcare professionals to implement certain policies or carry out health care programmes in the community, lack of effective communication leads to medical errors which have potentials risk of harm or injury to the patients or clients. Medical errors itself needs to be communicated to the appropriate personnel for immediate rectification and preventing further damage or harm to the patient.
Effective team members with trust, respect and collaboration helps to create interpersonal communication
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