Importance Of Interpersonal Relationship

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Interpersonal relationship
This concept is taken from Leadership and communication Block 6 module 6:1 entitled: developing interpersonal relationship
Interpersonal relationship is social and emotional relationship between two or more individual in an environment
It is also defined as the close association among individual with common interest and goals
It is a means of changing ideas and needs in appropriate ways
To establish good interpersonal relationship
• Each person name should be learn and individual address by proper tittle i.e. Mr., Mrs., Dry and not by nick name
• There should be respect among the team
Emotion should be controlled always
• Be ready to admit ignorance
• Do not impose anything on each other
Interpersonal relationship is important for some reasons which include
• To help each other in meeting their needs
• To gain confidence and satisfaction
• To alleviate loneliness
• To establish and maintain good rapport
• To learn about self and society
6:1 personal concept Good interpersonal relationship in a vital tool and very important among the health care provider team, their clients relations and society so as to make health care delivery effective and consume appropriately
Good interpersonal relationship help health care provider to work together peacefully, and discharge their duties accordingly
It also helps client and relations to receive appropriate care that is timely, help them to fight their ways back to
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