Importance Of Interpersonal Roles In Management

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The motive of this essay is to grasp or understand the roles of a manager and to discuss on the relevance of Mintzberg’s decisional roles towards management work. In addition, the purpose of this essay is also to assess to an extent which organisational behaviour approached are conspicuous in the service of this manager. Management is defined as coordinating and overseeing the work activities of others so their activities are completed efficiently and effectively. (Stephen P.Robbins, & MarryCoulter 07 Mar 2013). Henry Mintzberg who is a well-known management researcher, studied actual managers at work and in his first comprehensive study, Mintzberg concluded that what managers do can be best described by looking at the managerial roles they engage in at work. The term managerial roles refers to specific actions or behaviours expected of and exhibited by a manager. These managerial roles are split into three categories which are interpersonal roles, informational roles ad decisional roles. (Stephen P.Robbins, & MarryCoulter 07 Mar 2013). Based on this essay, Mintzberg’s decisional roles(Entrepreneur,Disturbance Handler,Resource Allocator,Negotiator) will be discussed in association with the manager interviewed.
An interview was conducted and the individual interviewed was Mr.X, who is the CEO of a distributor of sports equipment, Company P, a well-known nationwide organization in Shah Alam. Mr X runs at the top level management as the individual who holds responsibility for

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