Importance Of Inuish In English Language

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English language has been in India for over 200 Years now. It has gone through numerous stages of development, acceptance and non-acceptance. Certain strata of Indian society have accepted it as the first language; some see it as the essential second language whereas others regard it as a link language, both at the notational and the international level. In all the above cases English remains an important language and hence the debates, the discussions, and the deliberations, throughout the country, have always continued to focus on the teaching and learning of English. India is a vast country and inhabits numerous tribes with varying ways of life. Thus, it would be better to perceive the topic in socio-economic, linguistic and geographical perspectives. This paper will deliberately confine the discussion to the teaching of English in the tribal areas of Chintapalle Agency Area in Visakhapatnam District.
Keywords: English Language Training, Tribal Development, Tribal Learners, Chinatapalle Mandal

No people can be on island in the modern world. There is a necessity of English language teaching and learning so that the best of the knowledge and communication can be extended to all. To make the students aware of the outside world in a broader sense, English language plays an important role. When teaching English for getting the desired outcome is a global problem, teaching English as a second language in tribal areas still remains a greater problem. It is easy to

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