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Control Activities The inventory management process has control all the risks that will affect companies and to ensure all inventory on the balance record actually exists. Driving Labour Efficiency Inventory control activities can help provide the kind of labour efficiencies and audit trail during report periods. A bar-code based on warehouse management system can offer a complexity level of detail that is important to a department as easy to find out the remain stock of the inventory assets. However, having tight controls on warehouse inventory is important because excess cash will be spent on warehouse inventory that is not turned, shipped or sold. Detailed Tracking Brings Precision Depending on most companies, systems allow the tracking…show more content…
Inventory control system will strengthen the efficiency of real-time transactions and improve the business processes that rely on timely and accurate inventory data. Business benefit of using this inventory control system Inventory control system is a good practice for any company. It help companies keeping a watchful eye on their inventory and counting existing stock. Proper inventory management can set a company take a step to success! Speed and Efficiency Inventory control system makes every process become easier and efficiency. Doing a hand count of inventory and the lack of using inventory system will makes accessing inventory records a more inconvenient process, but with a computerized system, the same process can be done rapidly. Saving the time that spend on monitoring inventory levels could be having more productive activities for the companies. If a company’s warehouse is not organized as well, company might spend hard time to manage their inventory. Thus many companies will inventory control system to optimize their warehouses by putting the top selling products together in the warehouse and helps to speed up the order fulfillment process to keeps customers

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