Importance Of Ipr In Fashion Industry

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Fashion is anything that is in trend and dressing of a person, especially in clothing, foot-wears and accessories. Fashion Designers are of good visual imagination and create designer garments. However, Fashion Designers should not only show their interest in learning new trends, reading magazine and journals and books, but also they should be aware of protecting their Intellectual Property (IP) i.e. their creation. The fashion industry is an IP intensive as there is continuously generation and commercially exploitation of creative ideas and innovations.
Fashion Design is different from other intellectual property protected under IP law as it has the short life cycle and difference between the products in fashion design are also very less. Now In this digital era,
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Bridge: This category is born in USA. It connects high end to mass market. The prices are one to two times of that of mass market, which are very affordable. Such type of production lacks the artistic creativity. This is also the mixture of retail and wholesale market distribution.
5. Mass Market: In this category the prices are generally very low, but there are different price ranges between the different brands. Mass markets have products that can be used at different occasions and aim to all groups, from teenagers to elder ones. The main objective of this segment is to create an entertaining shopping experience for everyone.

Intellectual Property Rights is the kind of qualified property rights. There are some similarity between physical property and intellectual property, but not all IP has possessed property rights. Fashion design is a property, but this does not directly lead to fashion design with intellectual property rights. Some scholars argue that fashion design is an art and it deserves a long period of IP protection. While on the other hand, other scholars argues that fashion design need not to be protected at

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