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Khap by the term means a clan or a group of related clans is an informal group of each gotra in the Jat community of North India mostly in Haryana and parts of Western Uttar Pradesh which determines the customs, practices and religious norms for its specific gotra. The people of a certain gotra elects its headman whose decisions are deemed to be binding on the people of the clan. Such type of gotra based system is not new to the Indian society and can find its relevance in various parts of the country such as Munda and Gond tribes of central and eastern India. The gotra based system is a product of that tribal age when human society was in its primitive stage. At that point of time the society was divided on the bases of ‘Kul’ which have also been mentioned in the ancient texts of Rig Veda. The caste system in the country got consolidated with the onset and expansion of state power in India but in spite of the fusion of the Jat community into the caste based system, the gotra system of primitive tribal age are not only in existence today but also remain highly powerful and unchallenged, and maintain the ability to implement all the decisions pronounced by it.
The Jat Khaps were of great predominance in the Mughal empire where they were used by the Jat landlords in making bargains and compromises with the Mughal emperor in order to maintain or strengthen their role as intermediaries in the feudal land revenue system. The position and importance also increased during the

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