Personal Essay: My Love Of Hip Hop Music

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Music is a universal language as it is accepted by the whole world even though some of us might not understand the physical language of the music that they are listening to. There are a variety of music genres for people to choose ranging from pop, rock, bop, techno, swing, rhythm and blues, hip hop, folk music, and many others including my personal favourite, jazz. Being the only daughter in the family with more male cousins than females had made my music preference a little bit different from the other girls that I came across. When I was a kid, I was a bit boyish with baggy pants and shirt up to the point whereby my big brother and I (which is five years older than I am) can share outfit due to my new found love of hip hop music. Due to that, I did not make a lot of…show more content…
Performing jazz is not as easy as it seems, my first jazz performance to audiences from French was a disaster as the tempo of every song is so precise that if you were to miss just a single note, it will ruin the whole song. As time goes by, I then started to understand how jazz arrangement flows, although my knowledge in jazz is not as much, but it is a genre that is worth to spend some time and learn more about. Lately, I noticed that I no longer favour hanging out at the club with loud songs. My lifestyle had changed to spending my time at the jazz bar, listening to some local talents and if I’m lucky enough, I will be able to catch international jazz singers like Tompi from Indonesia. In addition, even my alarm music is a jazz song instead of other loud genres. Not only my alarm, even when I’m doing my work, studying, cleaning, driving and so on, I would always have jazz songs packed in my phone and thumbdrive to help me soothe my mind. Generally, jazz is my number one choice now to ease the mind and soul and I would opt for jazz festival rather than any other festivals

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