Importance Of Jealousy In Relationships

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1.2 PRESENT STUDY AND OBJECTIVES The jealous are quite visible among the people across world whether they live in rural areas and urban areas or are they in working profession or non-working, literate or illiterate or the high income or low income families. It is found in every castes after marriages. After marriage they are malignantly enmeshed in such negative emotion of jealous. As a result, it seems to have affected the marital life adjustment of millions of people by increasing allostatic load, psychological distresses like depression and anxiety related vulnerabilities and suicidal tendencies behavioural and practices amongst the married couple. It has proved one of the factor in ruining the already well established families thereof has affected marital adjustment amongst the couples. It is one of the reasons of divorce, suicides ideation and behavior and marital distress and extreme depression amongst the couples. Generally, it seems that the jealousy happens when a person feels that a relationship that is of prime importance is threatened by someone else outside of the relationship, be it romantic, platonic, friendship, parent-child, and sibling related. It can also occur in the context of competitive situations, such as in workplace or education, therefore seems to have resulted from envy like situations. It has resulted marital discord amongst the marital adjustments of the youngest couples who are the backbone of the Nation. This situation remained status quo

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