Purpose Of Job Analysis

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Job analysis is “can be define as a process in HR department which can determination the detail of job duties and output requirements of a particular position. It’s considers the proportional importance role of HR professional. Job analysis is a process in where decisions are made about the data collected for a particular position and this all about; structured data will help in recruitment, rewards, performance appraisal and many other aspects of employment”.( Job Analysis,2017)

Purposes and principles of Job Analysis:-
“The importance of job analysis in its objective is that assistance creates job descriptions. The job analysis mainly wills aims to establish and document the "work link" of recruitment procedures such as training,
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The completed questionnaire can be used to assist the job analyst who will interview the candidates. Drafting the duties, responsibilities, equipment, relationships and specific working environment can be reviewed with the line manager to ensure the preciseness”. (Job Analysis, 2017).
The way of analyzing job depends on feasible concerns such as job nature, number of jobs, number of current employees and job type. Several methods also can be used for the individual or group such as; (1) Interviews: “A way to collect a variety of data and information from the incumbent by asking the employee to describe the tasks and duties performed. However, this method curry out an advantage; the employee is allowed to describe tasks and duties that cannot be observed. At other hand the disadvantage that the employee may overstate or skip tasks and duties.” (Methods Of: Interview.
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Through direct observation, the job analyst can snaffle knowledge and direct information about the job being analyzed. Other job analysis methods (such as interview or questionnaire) allow only the job analyst to indirectly snaffle this knowledge. Every method had problems, with the direct observation of job analysis is that the presence of an observer may affect the employees, which causes the employees to change his usual behavior at work. This method is not suitable for jobs involving large amounts of time spent in focus or mental effort”. (Methods Of: Observation, 2017).
(3) Panels Discussion; this method used “when specialized inputs and opinions are needed to conduct an assessment. Typically, a variety of experts are involved on the basis of different areas to discuss various courses of action and make recommendations to job analyst” this method will be appropriate upon the best available evidence and judgment. However, “if the employees are unfamiliar with the discussion subject they may get out of the discussion and feel more confused than their knowledge”. (Expert Panel,

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