Importance Of Job Satisfaction

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1) Job satisfaction: Job satisfaction is regarded as the most important motivational factor in today’s competitive work environment. The importance of job satisfaction can be estimated with the fact that its absence is considered as a sign of one quitting a job. Motivation and job satisfaction are two factors which totally complement each other i.e. if one increases other increases as well and vice versa. Job satisfaction can be understood as emotions or feelings with which employee views his work. It has been found that the employee don’t feel motivated to work however good the salary and incentives are, until and unless there is high job satisfaction.
Job satisfaction is a result of fulfillment of various other factors like quality of work, salary, promotion etc. Thus it is the role of an effective manager to ensure that the employees are satisfied with their work and are thus properly motivated to work.
2) Promotions/expectation: Promotions allow employees to move up the ladder in a job which is suitable to their abilities. The importance of promotion as a motivating factor can be understood with the fact that every year employees eagerly wait for their promotions and a good promotion fills them with enthusiasm and responsibility. Promotions act as a emotional motivational factor which is having deep reaching implications.
Promotions results in career growth of an employee, thus motivates him to perform efficiently and enthusiastically. The importance of promotions as a

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