Personal Essay: A Career In Dental Office

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Working in any type of dental office is not for everyone, however I came to the conclusion that this is what I wanted to do. In seventh grade I knew I wanted to go to York Tech to do nursing but always had dental in the back of my mind. Although during my third year in high school I realized that nursing is not what I wanted to do anymore. Then, I realized that I always wanted to do dental as well. I definitely thought about how job shadowing might be best first before I start college to make sure this was the right job for me. After I graduated I decided to job shadow someone close to me that works in an orthodontics office. After shadowing him for a little while he let me do something as simple as taking the colors off the braces. A couple days later he called me asking if I wanted a job working in the office as a sterilization technician. Of course I said yes because…show more content…
I became a chair side assistant until the employee came back from maternity. While doing chair side I only did the simple tasks because I was most comfortable doing them. Although the doctor himself was pushing me further because he thought I would be great at it. During her maternity leave they did tell me that if I wanted to continue with it that I would have to go to school for it. I declined the offer only because I wanted to be a dental hygienist. So how did I know I wanted to become a dental hygienist? While working there I worked most of the days except Tuesday’s because the doctor worked at a dental school and no Sunday’s as well. We worked some Saturday’s but we closed early and we also traveled to different locations. He had three different locations and one was an hour drive away. The one that was an hour drive away we shared that office with a hygienist side. That's when I fell in love with wanting to become a dental hygienist. Their staff was also very friendly and they also made it feel like
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