Importance Of Johnson Dictionary

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The codification of English

The codification of English was an essential component in the process of standardization, because the unity of language would promote the unity of nation. English language evolved from the ancient time to modern time. The codification of vocabulary process until it is saved of interpolating and theft to another language. So codification means “by which norms are elucidated and captured in dictionaries or grammars.” (Seargeant, Swann, 2012, p68). Now I will talk about Johnson Dictionary, history codification English words in dictionaries, the importance of the establishment of dictionaries, the criteria used in the codification and is dictionary considered to be a prescriptive or descriptive?.

Dictionaries of the most famous and most successful Johnson dictionary 'Dictionary of the English Language ' is one of the most famous dictionaries in history. First published in 1755, it contains 40,000 words, each word was defined in detail, the definitions illustrated with quotations covering every branch of learning. And number of pages about 2500 pages. It has identified of language for the next 150 years. Also, Johnson is approach set a new standard for the authority of dictionaries: an educational tradition in which dictionaries would supply editorial comments and provide illustrative quotations that would increase knowledge, until the arrival of the Oxford English Dictionary. This dictionary is a huge scientific achievement and also a
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