Importance Of Journalism

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The BA in Journalism is an honours graduate program with specialization in English and Political Science. Journalism concerns itself with acquiring news, information, facts and knowledge which has a relevance to society. Journalism is traditionally seen as interplay of reporting and conveying it via print media, and television. Journalism has been a venerated and valued profession. The reason for this is the fact that it is essential for different voices and opinions to be conveyed in an effective manner. Hence journalism is a pillar of democracy and free society.
The modern world has been changing on a number of fronts. The geo-political scenario, economic landscape and technological perspectives
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An eye for accuracy is the foremost quality of a journalist. This ensures objectivity and validity of information. The candidate should have an ability to do independent and in depth research. The aspiring journalist should show a commitment to professional and journalistic ethics. Add to this a flair for good storytelling and communication skills.
The course has a great relevance and scope in the modern world with dominance of media. a person who wants to delve deeper in the realm of journalism can further their studies with a masters course. Similarly people can engage in research oriented studies with an MPHIL or PHD. This paves the way to academics and teaching. A BED degree can open the way for teaching at elementary level.
The students will be exposed to a number of pedagogic techniques. These include lectures, seminars, plenary group discussion, presentations and small-group work.
THE students are exposed to a number of basic subjects in journalistic studies. These include Introduction to Journalism, Photojournalism and Reportage, Broadcast News, Reporting Practices. Broadcast Radio Journalism, , Print Production, Online Production, Convergence Portfolio, Media and publication
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Students acquire competence in oral, written, reporting editing and visual communication.
The exposure to political science provides the student a vibrant skill set in socio-political perspective, environmental issues, ethics, communication, team work, time management and independent research.
The age of digital news creates new challenges in the field of journalism. This course has been created as a dynamic mix of English language and political science to serve the emerging challenges of the journalistic domain. This enables compelling knowhow to tackle both traditional media and its emerging variant platforms.
A number of production techniques will be emphasized to develop creativity and versatility. It allows the students to engage in a multi-platform study – print media, radio and TV, digital photos, blogs and podcasts, audio/video stories and websites content. Alongside reporting skills, ideas and creative communication will be emphasized to seek the human story behind a headline and gain insight of audience theory. Students get an ample chance to focus on a journalistic genre of choice. This program reveals how our public lives revolve around the local, national or international
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