Importance Of Jurisprudence

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What is Jurisprudence?
Jurisprudence, both as a philosophy or social science of law, is primarily concerned with regulation and control of human conduct to realize and provide the cherished long term and short term needs, expectations and goals of a society in the context of its prevailing social and political ordering. It is for this reason Wurzel rightly remarked that ‘Jurisprudence was the first Social Sciences to be born’. For no society can exist without its law or jurisprudence. Since Social values and goals change according to changing times and needs the definition and nature of jurisprudence also changes to sub-serve the need and social ends in terms of their content and ideal. Jurisprudence, therefore, is a prudent technique or method of legal ordering of society. So it is neither possible nor necessary to define it in a rigid and strait jacket fashion. As such the importance of jurisprudence in its practical sense is much more than its ordinary conceptual meaning. It cannot be a guess study of legal principles without their social need and relevance. As a philosophy of law, jurisprudence attempts to connect law with social forces, fact, justice and moral ideas. Jurisprudence being a social discipline reacts and responds to new emerging need, problems and challenges in a continuing fashion giving new direction and order to legal processes and social forces to re-establish equilibrium between the need for change and stability within a

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