Importance Of Justification For Slavery

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JUSTIFICATION FOR SLAVERY - WHITE SUPREMACY What was being considered by the Founding Fathers was the topic of the alleged racial inferiority of Africans. Were African Americans equipped for being incorporated as residents in the new United States? Were the differences between Africans and white Americans that far apart? Is there any wonder why there was no conclusive evidence to resolve these inquiries—the only major difference was the complexion. The physical differences between people of different continents were really highlighted as Europeans navigated the globe from the 1400s. Europeans had been making cultural and physical observations and comparisons between Europeans, Africans and Native Americans in the 1600s and 1700s. However,…show more content…
As punishment for gazing on his naked fathers body, the descendants of Ham were forever cursed. According to the doctrine of racism that curse took the form of blackened skin. This is where the justification for slavery originated. In order for god-fearing, pious, exemplary citizens to participate in something as criminal and ungodly as slavery, you would have to have a doctrine to base your actions on. Religion has been the excuse for countless act of terrorism, and much worse than what happens with Isis and the Taliban of today, slavery was the greatest form of terrorism in our country’s history. In addition to the bible doctrine, there were clear physical differences between the races bodies. Complexions were the most glaring characteristics popping out at explorers and settlers. That would be the main hallmark and branding iron that would follow people of color from the days of African slavery all the way through media and into the White House today. From this point on, and all through history it is almost as if the colored complexion was a curse. Another justification that was added, and didn’t help, was the fact that there seemed to be biological…show more content…
Jim Crow laws were put into effect by Southern states that made a hierarchy of race in the American South. By 1914 those laws successfully made two separate social orders--one black and one white. According to the conflict perspective if inequality exists for too long there is bound to be a revolution. The revolution from the conflict perspective started in 1954. The United States Supreme Court struck down segregation in the country 's government funded schools—causing racial tension in education. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man in 1955, and that started the civil rights movement. Riots, bombings, beatings and shootings were the regular as African Americans protested in the following years. Those protests eventually moved President John F. Kennedy to send to Congress a civil rights bill on June 19, 1963. The proposed enactment offered government protection to African Americans trying to vote, to shop, to eat out, and to be educated on equal
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