God's Own Country Essay

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EVALUATION ESSAY: Kerala –“God’s own country”

Sreelakshmi Srinivasan
American University of Sharjah

Kerala –“God’s own country”
“Gods own country” a phrase referred to Kerala all time by the people of Kerala. Kerala was under the madras presidency when India got its independence in 1947, but 10 years later Kerala to gain its recognition on 1 November 1957. Ever since then there was no looking back. Today Kerala has the highest literacy rate. However, Kochi (district in Kerala) have become one of the most influential and important metropolitan city in India. Due to which they started making a conscious decisions for trade which lead them to invest in rich in cultural economy, exciting tourist destination and its exquisite untouched nature.
Rich cultural economical development was always had been an integral part of Kochi. Kochi which is popularly known as the “queen of the Arabia Sea” merely because of its trade .It has been in the lime light for its trade activities and economically
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Which is why there is a great fascination of Kerala is backwater tourism. Backwaters are the system of conduits, estuaries, lakes, channels and regular waterways that interface the waterfront areas of the state. Going in customary houseboats known as "Kettuvallam" through the backwater getting a charge out of the excellence and greenery of nature is an exciting background that invigorates your body and soul. These houseboats are slow moving boat which is mainly used for the leisure purposes. One of the most famous backwater destination in Kerala are Kumarakam, Kuttanadu, Thiruvananthapuram, and Eranakulam (in kochin) etc . . . . During the festive season an occasional water sport led in the backwaters of Kerala is additionally an elite vacation destination in the state. Long uniquely planned and beautified watercrafts that can convey up to 100 individuals are utilized for these boat

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