Importance Of Kindergarten

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The Kindergartens are pre school education centres for toddlers as well as for pre- school children which is very important for a child’s early growth or development. Kindergartens help with the social, moral and emotional development of a child. It helps in building their skills, make them more active. Kindergartens help create self confidence in child and develop their communication skills as well when children interact with different other students of the class. It also enhances creativity and physical development of the child by developing their different motor skills like, dance, music, art, block building, yoga, swimming, etc.
Kindergartens help in improving the key areas which are necessary for a child’s development at an early stage, like teaching the child about the self care, improving social skills which means interacting with teachers and other students of the class, intellectual level by making them read and understand stories, developing their minds and enhancing creativity. Now, teaching is not the only way to enhance their skills and make them explore. Children need that environment in which they can adapt easily and which makes them feel easy to learn, explore. Kindergarten that I explored is the Shri Ram Global Pre School in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.
So, Interior design also has a great role to play in child’s effective growth and development. The purpose is to make them feel independent and act freely. The environment should be set up according to the

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