Importance Of Kneeling In The National Anthem

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Athletes and other individuals should be able to kneel for the national anthem to bring attention to the social injustice that exists in our country today. There is a clear problem that exists in many parts of the United States of America, and many are uncomfortable talking about it. African Americans and other minorities have been unfairly targeted and discriminated against throughout this country’s history, and this difficulty can still be found in the present. One way athletes and others have been protesting police brutality that has erupted a nationwide controversy is kneeling while the national anthem is being played. Kneeling during the national anthem is a peaceful form of protest that is effective as it brings attention to the problem. Lyrics in the national anthem celebrate the freedom of citizens of the United States., but currently there are various levels of freedom depending on your race and your location. The fact that not standing for the national anthem debate caused almost more of the stir than the unarmed people killed by police also shows a lot about people’s attitudes towards these matters.
Taking a knee is an effective, respectful, and peaceful way to protest the discrimination. Kneeling has always been a sign of respect, not disrespect. In the New Testament, people kneel before Jesus in supplication. When a coach is talking to his players, it is common and respectful to kneel while he or she speaks. Love or devotion is conveyed through the kneel during

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