Importance Of Knowledge

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Knowledge is a justified true belief that can either be personal or shared and be a work of a single individual or a group of people. I completely disagree with the statement, “The whole point of knowledge is to produce both meaning and purpose in our personal lives”. The use of the word “whole” ignores the benefits we get and offer to others from interacting among one another because it conveys that knowledge only benefits our personal life. People share knowledge between each other to gain awareness about a topic and develop new ideas. Knowledge’s use for personal life is a fraction of all the benefits it gives us. Personal knowledge plays an important role in shared understanding and to the benefit of the society in general. If the whole…show more content…
They may not be the first person to know that these rights are valuable requirements. However, sharing their knowledge had inspired others who think the same way to get together and make a change. They were also successful in enlightening those who had not believed in these rights. The decision of a single person to speak up about a fact few others already believed in, can sometimes be required. This may raise a controversy, “Is knowledge for the masses meaningless and even impossible unless someone first pursues it on a personal level?” It takes interaction and discussion to practice knowledge, which means when people agree about, for example, gender equality rights, the law becomes official and others can be aware of it. If the owner chooses to keep knowledge for his or herself the meaning of it could be limited and others would not have gained from the knowledge if it was shared in public. This implies that the purpose of knowledge is far beyond for personal uses only. If we do not share knowledge, we would not be where we are now. If knowledge from our ancestors’ discoveries was not shared, history would keep repeating itself. Imagining a world with no knowledge passed on from our ancestors, each one of us would have to explore for our own. If nobody wants to share what they know, we would also repeat the same mistakes since we could not learn from one another. Social interaction is a necessary part of our daily life. Therefore, knowledge must be shared since it would not have the same effect if it is kept within only one
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