Importance Of Knowledge In Literature

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answer possible. It is a pure fact (October 2, 1869) and you must have read it or heard it to answer it. What is important while gaining knowledge is the source. DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF TO ACADEMIC/SUBJECT BOOKS. THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES THAT GIVE YOU KNOWLEDGE (TO COMPETE IN THE IAS OR OTHER HIGH-LEVEL EXAMS / INTERVIEWS). MAKE THE WORLD YOUR TEXTBOOK. Not only must you read books, but also watch knowledge based channels, like Discovery, National Geographic and History channel. They give you explanations that no book can offer. You can learn how things work, look or sound. You can listen to the pioneers of a field detailing their invention or discoveries. During my high school and graduation, I was an avid reader. I have read many novels. One of my favourite authors was Frederick Forsyth (the author of the award winning 'The Day of the Jackal '). His novels usually deal with geopolitics, international security, terrorism and various security related issues. By reading those novels, I developed an interest in International issues, economics and geopolitics. In the Indian civil services exam there is an essay paper. We have to choose from four to five topics given in the essay question paper. The topic I chose was about human and technical intelligence in fighting terrorism. I scored very good marks in the essay paper. That was because I had an in-depth knowledge about security related issues including detailed technicalities and technical terms. All thanks to the
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